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A Letter to Freshmen

Dear Incoming Freshman, During your time in college you will hear quite a few opinions about how to set yourself up for success after graduation, many of which are great suggestions. If I may, I want to add one for your consideration. Since I was 16 I have worked at[…]

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An EMS Success

When I came to CCU, I was a pretty normal freshman, wide eyed and unsure of how I was going to handle the stress and financial challenge that college brings. I worked all through high school but was ready to take my freshman year off. After the EMS boot camp,[…]

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The modern work environment is far more “interdependent” today than fifty years ago. Because of the economic shift from manufacturing to service-oriented jobs, new demands require employees to have more than mere technical skills, training, or classroom experience to be competitive; soft skills are the defining line (Rusch, 2016). However,[…]

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Resume Guidance

Whether you’re searching for a job independently or being placed by EMS, we’ll get your resume ready to impress. All sessions are one-on-one, designed to cater to your specific situation and career goals.

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